Portable GPS Smart Tracker


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The Advantages of this Product…

  1. All similar products in the mobile phone can be used to view the location on the map and computer platform query location track, however, also can directly reply to the location of Chinese SMS.
  2. The first positioning in the base station to join the original Google map above the positioning, so that the error distance of the product greatly reduced.
  3. Due to join the Google positioning mode, the product now supports foreign positioning tracking function.
  4. This product does not require platform costs, life-long free use. Just send a text message to the alarm locator, you can reply to the following Chinese address information and Google Maps connection, the entire phone simple operation, one step in place.
  5. This product has two built-in strong magnet adsorption function, no need to worry about placing the problem, as long as there is a metal place, you can directly placed up, the magnet will automatically adsorbed, more convenient for you to install the placement
  6. This product is the only one with the market power charging automatic boot function, which is connected to the power supply, when the alarm locator exhausted, the product is turned off, the caller product will automatically power on and continue to charge, warning, charging must be inserted SIM card
  7. Login website http; / / gpsui.net – Regardless of the alarm locator on the car, children bag, the elderly pocket, valuables bags, can send a text message to the alarm locator by mobile phone SMS command, check the location of the alarm locator to facilitate your monitoring throughout the real-time control of the target s position.